A benefit administration platform to help managers, workers, and even family members of employees be more productive


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WageWorks is an integrated program designed to help businesses manage a variety of benefits. It contains an extensive array of benefit programs that can be used by employers and employees, and it also operates these programs under one bundle, enabling employers to save a huge amount of time and money as they manage benefits to their employees.

On one hand, WageWorks allows employees to manage a ton of benefit programs. Some of these are what employers have come to expect from benefit programs, including COBRA, FSA, and HSA. However, other programs are less common, such as transit. By bundling these programs and operating them under one broad umbrella, employees and employers alike can save time and management.

WageWorks clearly has extensive experience in the area of benefit management, and it shows, with the company automatically managing a ton of benefit programs. The company brags that they manage benefits for over 100,000 businesses. As such, businesses that use WageWorks can expect to benefit from the company's extensive expertise.

WageWorks's website also notes that they can offer a variety of benefits, including speedy onboarding for new employees, customized programs for your business, and a ton of educational material that can ensure your business and Human Resources department make the most of their programs.

Unfortunately, as noted by a variety of review sites, WageWorks is not a company without its challenges. Many reviewers noted that they had extensive problems in dealing with WageWorks customer service, noting that they had a variety of challenges in getting issues resolved and accessing their money. Indeed, some reviewers told horror stories, noting that they had to contact the company "dozens of times" in order to get their claims resolved. This, of course, is a massive problem for any benefit administration company, and while the products they offer seem to be very good, the customer service issues noted by many consumers should give any user pause. 

Furthermore, some customers noted that there were workflow and portal issues when filing claims. These issues appear to be more minor, but still worth noting, as some customers expressed a desire to have a simpler process that would enable them to easier access their various benefits and administer claims.


  • Offers one-stop-shopping for numerous benefit programs.
  • Extends beyond traditional HSA and FSA benefits, also touching upon transit benefits and other less common benefit programs. 
  • Has extensive experience in benefit management.
  • Offers a variety of educational materials.
  • Automates much of the benefit management.


  • Major customer service challenges.
  • Customers had issues accessing their benefits and money, often fighting with the company. 
  • Workflow issues
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